Twin Beaks

Twin Beaks (Password - wrpass)

Twin Beaks

Steve and Bill, two lazy Seagulls, spend their days perched on a Jetty by the seashore. Both are starving, and both spot a single chip hit the jetty deck!

(Password - wrpass)

A fantastic fun project Directed by the amazingly Talented Will Robson who can be found at

----- Writers -----
Will Robson | Hayden Soper

----- Executive Producer -----
Will Robson

----- Producer -----
Bree Kettley

----- Creative Consultant -----
Sorin Oancea

----- Concept Artist -----
Adrian Zande

----- Storyboarding -----
Sarah Rackemann
Hayden Soper

----- Modelling and Texturing -----
Jordan D Waka
Vin Chau

----- Character Rig, Model and Textures -----
Fang-min Chen