Mission Of Mercy V2 - Kapok Jungle Trees

Mission Of Mercy V2 - Kapok Jungle Trees

Having created the first set of plants I decided to redo them all after I discovered what anchors in Speedtree and how to add wind animations to the trees and import them into Unreal.

This took me down a path of creating better Leaf Cluster atlases with more flexibility as well as creating seasonal foliage, Epiphyte Details, Hanging vines and Ivy to add to the trees. Seasonal foliage wasn't necessary for these models as they are jungle trees I plan on using in their greenest state, however they do have the ability to drop their leaves If i ever wish to use them in other projects.

I also created my own tree bark using texture scans I did a year ago and mixed them together using Quixel Mixer to create unique bark materials for the trees.

Alongside the new Speed tree discoveries i decided to play with the Photogrammetry stitching you can do inside speed tree using a quickly sculpted trunk and it worked out to be the perfect addition to giving the trees more realism as i could focus on texturing the base of the trunk the part of the tree players are going to see the most while speed tree unwraps the branches to my previously created bark materials.

All together these trees are far nicer than the previous trees I made and I'll be looking into scanning some tree trunks in the future to create even more realistic looking trees.